Saturday, March 29, 2014

School Shoes NEEDS

Greetings Bloggers

Imminent needs for Shoes for HAITI. The children/kids (Toddlers to High School Kids) need SCHOOL SHOES. They can not attend school unless they are wearing closed toed; SOLID BLACK shoes (soles must be black, too).

Sizes are Boys: Toddlers size 8 through Men's size 11 and Women: Toddler size 8 though Women size 8. The picture is an example of shoes to collect, but any style is needed.

Next time you are at a garage sale, thrift store, pick-up a pair and send to me. 
My goal is for everyone that sees this post finds one pair of Shoes for Haiti for the school. 

Thank you again for always reading the blog/facebook page but mostly 
for just loving the Haitians from afar!

Sunday, March 16, 2014


PHASE 10 in Route!!!

2 Boxes; 125 Pairs of Shoes for Haiti.
Thank you all so very much for giving unconditionally.

We have exciting news:
Pastor Pierre from NVM, Haiti will be in Texas, April for 10 days. He will be meeting with some local churches for a  "meet and greet"; with hopes to send some "TEXAS" teams to Haiti. 

Opportunity of a life time awaits everyone. Anyone from anyplace is welcomed to come to NVM, Haiti and serve. Many, many areas of serving awaits you all.

More details to come, but feel free to email me for one-on-one chat about Pastor Pierre's visit.


FYI: Over 700 pairs of Shoes for Haiti have been shipped! 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Phase 11

Phase 11 begins!! Ready to collect more
Shoes for Haiti. 

Thank you Vickie Lewis and Sara Wilcox; you girls are the blessings to the Haitains. 

Exciting news do share next week. Until then, be a blessing to others and share your Shoes for Haiti. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014


February is beginning to be a wonderful month for 
Shoes for Haiti

Collected 90 pairs and preparing the shoes for shipment soon!!
Thank you
Ted and Margo Willis
Rachel and Jett Carter
Carolyn Kindle
Jeff and Tanya Scroki
James and Tomi Ellis
Frances Coffman
Maryann Exum

Blessings beyond words!  
Once this shipment is mailed, I have an empty garage and ready for more Shoes for Haiti.

Update: We have collected 674 and shipped 584 as January 2014.  
You guys are awesome to love the Haitians from afar!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year 2014

Beginning a new year starts with another shipment to Haiti and NVM! 

Total shoes collected 550!!!!! -awesome-!

50 pairs in route (thank you Amy Maddox) and feminine hygiene packages (thank you Jacque Jones). 

It is my desire to join a medical team this spring and go witness the many Shoes for Haiti at work for the local beautiful people of Haiti. 

Collections still in need; challenge your small groups; Sunday school
classes; youth group; book clubs or just family and friends to collect Shoes for Haiti. Make it fun and exciting to give back. 

Anything I can do to assist in collecting Shoes for Haiti; just let me know. 

Facebook me at or or just email me:

You can always post a blog to this page, as well. 

Happy New Year and thank you all
for caring about the sweet Haitians at Nehemiah Vision Ministries; Haiti is already a better place because of NVM and the shoes you have collected.



Thursday, December 12, 2013


Phase 9

Many thanks to Ms Amy Maddox for sharing her Birthday by collecting Shoes for HAITI and for McCord Community Group/Bayou City Fellowship (Houston, Texas). They collected 137 pairs.

Below the pictures is of 121 pairs from Houston and 4 pairs from Jana Hammons (Allen, Texas). The remainder pairs of shoes will be mailed in the next shipment (after Christmas).

Many blessings to you all for sharing and loving the people of Haiti and for giving Shoes for Haiti!

To date we have all collected 497 pairs of shoes and shipped 360. Simply amazing!!! Thank you again for all everyone is doing for Shoes for Haiti. I wish you could all go with me to Haiti and see all these beautiful people, wearing the shoes you have given unconditionally. You are their blessing.

My heart is overwhelmed with happiness. Merry Christmas my fellow bloggers!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Shipment of 32 shoes mailed to Indiana then Haiti. My garage is empty of Shoes for Haiti so let's keep collecting shoes. Below is an email from Indiana regarding all the wonderful Shoes for Haiti you all have given. The blessing keeps going and going and going....

"We appreciate all that you do gathering the shoes for the beautiful people in Haiti. Pastor Pierre was in Indiana earlier this month and he personally expressed his appreciation of your high standards of quality, cleanliness, and thoroughness and gathering the shoes for his people. He is overwhelmed by the outpouring of the blessing from you all in Texas."